Your Fertility Is Not What You've Been Told!

It's a 50/50 Combination of Gut Health & Hormones.
It's Not Determined By a Label (PCOS, Endo, Thyroid Disease, etc.). By Addressing Your Gut Health & Hormones You Increase Your Fertility by 79%!

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Low-Cost, Self-Paced Courses

Self-paced, online courses to transform your fertility or pregnancy, naturally! When put into practice the in-depth information you learn will increase your chances of a healthy fertility, conception, pregnancy and postpartum journey!

Balance & Blossom

12 Week Program

12 weeks of modules, group coaching and five 1-on-1 calls, packed with my most effective secrets. Reach a state of healthful balance for fascinating improvements to your health & fertility!

Beyond Birth

12 Week Program

12 weeks of modules and group coaching, designed to authentically ease you into motherhood. Full of content to eliminate your fears around being a new Mom to leave you bright and confident in the months after birth!

1:1 Coaching

6 Month Program

Personalized 1-on-1 sessions to identify and heal your health, fertility, or pregnancy concerns. These sessions are tailored to you and cultivate unbelievable results no matter where you are on your journey!

Support Group

Monthly Video Chat

Monthly 30 minute virtual calls with women like you, on a journey to Balance, Blossom, and Birth their beautiful families!



Professional-grade, whole-food based supplements designed to support your health needs!

Meet Michelle

Hi! I’m Michelle, a Women’s Natural Health Specialist, Mom of two (yes, one has four legs — dogs are family too), Wife, and Christian. I specialize in commanding order from chaos to help you manifest flawless fertility, and a powerful pregnancy & birth experience!

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