Meet Michelle

Women's Natural Health Specialist

Over 6 years ago my hubby and I started thinking about becoming pregnant…
My desire to be a Mom was so deep I could feel it in my heart and the longing of holding my baby was so real…But my physical health was anything but ready.


I’d already been struggling with my health for years. Endlessly ill, extremely overweight, migraines every other day, cold hands and feet, and at one point even wearing a heart monitor. I’ll admit, I was even probably a bit depressed. AND I SUSPECTED I HAD PCOS, yet all my bloodwork was “normal”.


Modern medicine wasn’t a help, every doctor wanted to prescribe chemical-laden pills, and I felt like my dream of becoming a Mom was slipping away EVERY second of EVERY day.


Ready to give up, I realized natural support was becoming aligned with what I needed and what I wanted. I needed to take back control of my body if I wanted to be a Mama. Forget breast cancer drugs (yes some fertility medications are made to treat breast cancer —FYI no judgment here, we all take different paths on our journey). I WANTED THE POWER TO HEAL MY BODY AND BECOME PREGNANT NATURALLY, not chase down the symptoms with doctors who didn’t listen.


When I met my practitioner her goals for my health and fertility aligned with my own…making small changes step by step to find a healthful balance. I lost some weight and all of my chronic issues became manageable or disappeared.


I FELT AMAZING!!! And it blossomed into a healthy pregnancy and un-medicated, natural birth! Now my husband and I enjoy our happy, healthy daughter! I want nothing but the same for you, chronic issues, weight concerns or not. The real truth is: if your health is your canvas to the future, where will you end up?

With Love & Blessings!



Education & Experience

For my undergrad I studied Organismal Physiology at Drexel University, a world-class comprehensive research institution!

I went on to obtain my Holistic Healthcare Certification at Trinity School of Health and Wellness, a Christian-based school with programs focused on natural health principles and techniques to support holistic wellness!

For several years I worked alongside a natural health practitioner to master BioEnergetic Assessment, Traditional Chinese Medicine, and more!

Recently, I became a member of the Professional Wellness Alliance, to pledge being a defender of holistic health by protecting my services and my clients.

Michelle's Christian Walk

As a child, I grew up attending church with my Mommom. As I entered high school I began to distance myself from God, believing I had the power to make choices on my own.


Almost 10 years later, when I became pregnant, I found myself starting to pray again, feeling so grateful to have been blessed with a baby, a gift from God! Almost a year after she was born I found myself attending church again. In September of 2021 I prayed to accept Jesus as my savior.


After almost a year, God was placing so many things on my heart, one of them to be baptized! So in September of 2022, I was baptized by immersion! My faith is continuing to grow and my belief in God and his love is something incorporated into my programs, especially for those who walk in the same faith!


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