Functional Genomics

The study of genes as they are found in your body is called functional genomics. Genes and their interactions with one another are the subjects of research into the numerous cellular pathways that define cellular functions, which in turn define the function of an organism. They are intended to clarify and explain what is occurring within the human body. Contrast this with the more prevalent gene testing, which produces single gene “factoids” with minimal connection to actual human shape and function and hence has little real therapeutic utility.


Functional genomic profiles give your software a level of personalization that has never before been possible. It offers details that may be essential to your quest for wellness.


Using what is known as epigenetics, we may greatly affect our genetic make-up and hasten healing at the deepest cellular levels of the human body.

Saliva Testing for Hormones

An individual’s general health and well-being are significantly influenced by hormones. Hormone levels can have a significant impact on a person’s stress, mood, memory, energy, menstrual cycles, weight gain or loss, sleep, and libido, to name just a few important aspects of their well-being. Well-balanced hormones are important for overall health and well-being.


For Women


Hormone imbalance can have an impact on women of all ages, and those who are still menstruating may suffer from premenstrual syndrome, mood swings, anxiety, painful periods, and infertility. Night sweats, hot flashes, disturbed sleep, rapid bone loss, and numerous other symptoms linked to hormonal imbalances are common among menopausal women.


For Men


The amount of testosterone in men decreases with age. The decline in testosterone production can be larger in some men than others, while being a typical aspect of aging. Stress, lack of exercise, rapid weight gain, and other things frequently make this worse and may also impair the body’s ability to produce testosterone.


Why Saliva?


The health and well-being of the body are reflected in the saliva. In actuality, saliva contains the majority of the biomolecules that are present in blood and urine. Even better, saliva is the industry standard for determining hormone levels and is the only reliable technique. Given how easy and painless spit collection is, it helps to explain why we refer to saliva as a great measure of hormones.


The Benefits:

  • Not intrusive. No need to draw blood!
  • Convenient: You can collect your sample at any time of the day, at home or work.
  • Accurate: Saliva contains a staggering quantity of hormones.
  • Saliva samples remain stable for several weeks.

Bionetics Testing Using a Hair Sample

Bionetics is the study of stress patterns in the body using sophisticated biofeedback technology and sophisticated computer software. It is possible to influence, alter, or make an effort to adjust these stress patterns in order to enhance wellness. Bionetics is recognized by the FDA as a galvanic skin resistance test and offers a wealth of information about what is impacting the body. Bionetics analyzes energetic responses of cellular frequencies and uses an electrical frequency. 


With the information acquired, a customized protocol is tailored to your health requirements, such as herbs, vitamins, or imprinting (introduced with light frequencies) homeopathics.


The Process 


A two-way communication channel between the body and the computer is established by placing your hair on the device’s interface. This causes digital frequencies to be sent through the hair. Using sample signals to identify a normal or baseline mode and the gamut of its stress reactions, it learns the distinct lingo of the cells. The device measures changes in wave patterns as the signals come into contact with similar or different frequencies once a baseline has been established.


To put it simply, the device is a biofeedback device, similar to an EEG or EKG, that scans the hair to identify the areas where the body requires assistance in order to achieve optimal well-being and overall energetic balance. The results of the scan are discovered by examining how your body reacts to thousands of vibrational signatures of objects contained in various wellness categories. Your physical, mental, and emotional health are all taken into account in the results since these three are interconnected. The scan can also reveal which systems of the body may be under some sort of stress but are not yet exhibiting any symptoms or signs.


Long used as a non-invasive method of reading the physical and energetic field of the body, biofeedback is a wellness technology. It’s understandable if something appears odd or overly occult. Quantum physics, on the other hand, acknowledges that everything, including the components of your body, has an individual energetic frequency.

By leveraging the body’s own molecular and energetic fields, the science of bionetics and body scan technologies have arisen to assist us better understand how our bodies, thoughts, and emotions interact in order to promote health and prevent further physical harm. Most healthcare visits are brought on by prolonged stress. The body’s stress response network starts biological processes that manifest as disease. The neurological system reacts to stress by first resisting, then adapting, then wearing down, and lastly by attempting to recover or regain balance. It frequently isn’t able to complete the final stage of regaining balance. This is where illness starts.

The Benefits: 

  • Determines nutritional and emotional supports to healing
  • Eliminates the guesswork to reaching an optimal level of health & fertility
  • Clearly identifies stressors and imbalances in the body
  • Releases blocked pathways
  • Pinpoints toxins disrupting the body
  • Assesses how your body and body systems are functioning
  • Discover any physical, mental or emotional causes of distress
  • Determine hormonal or metabolic abnormalities
  • Gauge cellular communication levels

Does Bionetics align with the Christian faith?


I am aware that the word “energy” might conjure up images of the New Age and terrify some Christians into fearing that they are engaging in activities that are not approved by God. But the reality is that we now have scientific tools to identify distinct components of the body’s energy system. Working with subtle energies in the body does not necessitate or presume a New Age worldview because subtle energies in the body are a fact, based in science (quantum physics), not a matter of belief.


The immune system was unknown 500 years ago, yet it functioned despite the widespread belief that illness was brought on by ghosts invading the body.


Today, we take for granted that germs, which are unseen, cause illness and that our bodies have invisible immune systems that God created to combat them. While most of us take herbs or medications without a second thought to help us battle cancer, infections, and parasites today, people who utilized herbs to treat patients throughout the Middle Ages were viewed as witches! In actuality, we now understand that herbs can strengthen the immune system! I believe there are significant connections in this.


When the immune system is overworked, treatment may be necessary. The energy system is the same. We experience symptoms (physical, mental/emotional, or both) when the energy of our cells or their frequencies are blocked; if addressed, these symptoms eventually lead to sickness. The methods I employ only assist the body in carrying out its duties, similar to how penicillin helps the immune system. Currently, despite the fact that some of these techniques have a growing body of study, they are still regarded as experimental. But don’t let that get you down! Years passed before we discovered the mechanism of penicillin’s action, yet we continued to use it since it was effective.


Any inquiries you may have about the relationship between the Christian faith and bionetics/biofeedback technology are welcome. Simply ask! Naturally, we can move forward with other alternative testing if you decide that you are not comfortable with them.

How Are these Testing Modalities Different Than the Conventional Approach?

Often times lab work and diagnostic testing are utilized as a baseline for health. However, there are many shortfalls to these types of testing. First, diseases typically do not begin with a diagnosis or “out of range” result, which does not allow for discovery during the pre-clinical phase of a disease. Second, lab and diagnostic testing only determine the physical and chemical imbalances at one moment in time. Third, solutions to improve the results of these methods of testing include medications that turn off the body’s response in order to manipulate data. Side effects often surface from the medications, adding a toxic burden and additional stress, leaving the root cause of chronic symptoms/disease untouched.


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