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Balance Your Blood Sugar
  • Spikes and dips in blood sugar trigger a ton of stress
    • Insulin is similar to ovarian hormones for egg maturation/ovulation
  • Stress = survival mode
  • Surges of cortisol = testosterone to spike in women + dip in men
    • both impact fertility
    • Signs in women = PCOS, abnormal hair growth/loss, acne

Steps to Balance or Maintain Balanced Blood Sugar

  1. Eat protein, fat and fiber at every meal.
  2. Exercise
  3. Avoid processed foods and added sugars.
  4. Intermittent fasting


  • Program comes with 1 bottle of the Ganoderma lucidum
  • Take one capsule with lunch & one with dinner
  • Will receive Ganoderma Bottle
    • If you don’t receive it, send me a message through Practice Better

The Magic Molecule

  • Helps dilate blood vessels, supports blood circulation, and mitochondrial respiration = energy
  • Two Pathways
    • Oxidation of L- Arginine
    • Nitrates to nitrites to nitric oxide
  • Broken down by bacteria in the gut
  • Older you get the less you make

How to Ensure Proper Nitric Oxide Levels

  • Avoid mouthwash
  • Avoid fluoride
  • Avoid constant antibiotic use
  • Avoid antacids
  • Exercise
  • Consume a highly plant-based diet
  • Utilize collage powder
  • Improve digestion and sleep

If you did not receive your supplement, please send a message through Practice Better

What is IF?
  • Modified eating pattern
  • Only consume foods between certain times
  • Examples of eating windows
  • 16:8
  • 20:4
  • 14:10
  • Can vary eating between 2-3 meals, no snacks
  • Tip – Eating window should end at least 2-3 hours before bed
Benefits of IF
  • Repair and rebuild the immune system
  • Stimulates Human Growth Hormones
  • Supports repair of cells and balancing of hormones
  • Heals digestive system
  • Helps reduce inflammation
How to Use IF
  • Choose an eating window
  • Consume 1-3 meals
  • No snacks in between meals

Signs of Hormone Imbalance

  • Absent/difficult periods
  • Endometriosis
  • Constant exhaustion/fatigue
  • Fibroids/cysts
  • Hot flashes/night sweats
  • Joint pain
  • Low sex drive
  • PCOS
  • And more…

How to Balance Hormones Naturally

  • Focus on- Focus on healthy fats
  • Cut out- Cut out processed sugars and simple carbs
  • Eat- Eat enough clean protein
  • Add- Add lots of colorful greens and veggies
  • Move- Exercise and maintain a healthy BMI
  • Poop- 3 times a day, well-formed
  • Consider the use of Castor Oil Packs
Focus on Quality Nutrients
  • Purchase grass-fed, grass-finished beef, wild-caught fist, pasture-raised chicken & eggs
  • Stick with organic, non-GMO produce
  • Focus on including greens
  • Consume at least one probiotic-rich food a day
  • Favor fats & protein over carbohydrates
The Macromolecules
  • Proteins
    • Building blocks to cells and tissues
  • Fats
    • Supports oxygenation of blood and formation of hormones
  • Carbohydrates
    • Provides vitamins, minerals, and fiber

Reduce Your Stress

  • Decreases pregnancy rates
  • Increases miscarriage rates.
  • Fight or flight = stress response = less LH, less progesterone
  • Rest and digest = Feed and breed

Stress Relief Techniques

  • Prayer & Mindfulness
  • Breathing Exercises
  • Self-Care
  • Bath
  • Massage
  • Movement
  • Journaling
  • Brain Tap
  • Heart Math

Why is Water Quality Important?

  • Fluoride in water can reduce nitric oxide levels
  • Water contains chemicals like chlorine, lead, pharmaceuticals, mercury, herbicides, pesticides, arsenic & more
  • Check water quality
  • Water testing kit

High Quality Water

Promote a Healthy Gut
  • Connection between:
    • vaginal bacteria and fertility
    • intestinal bacteria and fertility
  • Healthy microbiome:
    • Known to reduce inflammation
    • Help to balance blood sugar
    • Even helps with weight loss
  • Dietary changes and supplementation with probiotics may improve IVF and pregnancy success.
How To Support Your Microbes
  • Probiotic supplements
  • Probiotic foods
  • Increase soluble fiber
  • Reduce processed foods/added sugars
  • Give digestion a break
    • No eating 2-3 hours before bed
    • Avoid snacking between meals

Technology & Health

  • Studies show impacts on fertility, fetuses, children, sleep habits and more
  • Wireless radiation & 5G

What to Do

  • Reduce exposure to WIFI and 5G
  • Purchase 5G protector for cell phone
  • Use shungite near technologies
  • Turn wi-fi off at night
  • Place phone on airplane mode and/or keep away from your bed at night
Importance of Mindset
  • Mindset improves exercise benefits
    • Further reduces blood pressure, body fat and weight
  • Believing stress is harming you increases its negative effects
  • Eat with a mindset of indulgence to increase satisfaction and healthier eating
What to Do
  • Start your day with a gratitude meditation
  • Body scan meditation on what parts of your body are “happy“
  • Practice mindful breathing throughout the day
  • Utilize positive affirmations
    • I am healthy and well.
    • My womb is open to new life.

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