Balance Naturally Course





30 min



Often I am asked, “What foundations are important for flourishing health & fertility?” and my answer lies here in the Balance Naturally! Course.



By using the tools in this course and guide you will easily reach a healthful balance! But remember to focus on consistency, not perfection!


  • Focus on- Focus on healthy fats
  • Cut out- Cut out processed sugars and simple carbs
  • Eat- Eat enough clean protein
  • Add- Add lots of colorful greens and veggies
  • Move- Exercise and move towards a healthy BMI
  • Poop- 3 times a day, well-formed
  • Consider the use of Castor Oil Packs
  • Eat protein, fat and fiber at every meal
  • Focus on movement
  • Avoid processed foods and added sugars
  • Weight is not the issue, it’s fat cells

  • Shift the focus from dieting to nutrition

  • Shift the focus from exercise to movement


  • Probiotic/fermented foods
  • Increase soluble fiber
  • Reduce processed foods/added sugars
  • Ditch stressors in your food, body and life

  • Reduce exposure to Xenoestrogens and Endocrine System Disruptors

  • Detox Your Liver
  • Make sure you are having regular bowel movements
  • Release toxic relationships, thoughts, feelings
  • Focus on movement, meditation, prayer, etc.

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