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Everyday exposure to these chemicals, toxins and radiation, is scientifically proven to negatively impact fertility outcomes and hormones. Chemicals, specifically endocrine disruptors, have the ability to mimic, decrease, and increase our normal hormone levels. Xenoestrogens alone have been linked to endometriosis, PCOS, infertility, cancer, and more.


Significant improvements to fertility and hormone health can be seen from reducing exposure to harmful chemicals, toxins, and radiation. This alone reiterates the importance of including steps to reduce exposure as part of your fertility cleanse.


Below are the steps and recommendations to jumpstart your fertility cleanse to support healthy hormones!

Completing this course will help you:


  • A Cleanse Restores Hormonal Balance
    • Endocrine disrupting chemicals/xenoestrogens & toxins disrupt balance of hormones
      • Throws off production and release of hormones during menstruation
      • Detoxing them improves fertility health and general health
  • A Cleanse Improves Egg Health
    • Disruption to hormonal balance negatively impacts fertility and health
    • Multiple studies on BPA linked to impaired fertility
      • a common endocrine disruptor
      • found in plastic
      • found that women undergoing IVF who were exposed to higher levels of BPA had a much lower rate of a successful pregnancy compared to women with lower exposure to BPA
        • these women also had a lower number of egg cells that were able to mature.
  • A Cleanse Supports Healthy Estrogen Metabolism
    • Liver detoxifies the body & gets rid of excess or harmful molecules
      • Performs estrogen metabolism & excretion preparation
      • When overloaded it cannot detoxify all these hormones efficiently

Tips for Supporting Your Liver

  • Include more fiber in your diet
    • Foods with soluble fiber include: Strawberries, Avocados, Brussel Sprouts, Soaked Oats, Apples, Pears, etc.
    • Foods with insoluble fiber include: Nuts & Seeds, Berries, Coconut, etc.
  • Eat lots of antioxidants
    • Foods with Antioxidants include: Dark Chocolate, Berries, Kale, Red Cabbage, Artichokes, etc.
  • Drink ½ body weight in ounces of water
    • Avoid tap water & bottled water, use a filtration system
  • Consider the use of Castor Oil Packs


  • BCPs are designed to prevent your body from making hormones
  • PROBLEM: synthetic hormones
  • Takes time for endocrine system to reset and produce adequate hormone levels
  • If BCPs were given to alleviate symptoms like:
    • heavy, painful, or irregular periods
    • Acne
    • unusual hair growth
  • Could have an underlying concerns which was never addressed
    • Ex. PCOS or endometriosis
    • both affect fertility
    • taking birth control might subside symptoms, but the root cause is still there, and still a problem – especially for fertility
  • Eliminate chemical and toxin based products
    • Cleaners
    • Personal care products (make-up, deodorant, etc.)
    • Pads and tampons
  • Limit/avoid the use of plastic cookware/containers
    • swap them for glass, stainless steel, or cast iron
  • Reduce radiation and wireless exposure
    • EMFs, 5G, etc.
  • Consume foods which are:
    • Organic, Non-GMO
    • Wild caught
    • Pasture raised
    • Grass fed


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